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  WUXI HONGHUI NEW MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDestablished in 2001 and specialized in research &development, manufacture and sales of vinyl chloride vinyl acetate terpolymer resins and vinyl chloride terpolymer emulsion and other modified water-based series. The products are widely used in the field of ink,coating, plastic processing (including colour chips, recording granules, etc), magnetic record materials, adhesion, etc.It has significant effect on the area of paper, food package, pharmaceutical package, PU, furniture, container, vehicle, vessel and steel frame, etc. Rely on powerful R&D capability and advanced management, the company has produced more than 10 brands of high performance vinyl copolymer resins, carboxyl modified vinyl terpolymer resins, hydroxyl modified terpolymer resins, vinyl chloride copolymer emulsion and modified water-based series emulsion,etc.It has 100,000 metric ton for the design capacity of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate terpolymer resins with leading position in the industry. The project of 60,000 metric ton of water-based emulsion for industry coating was raised as the company went public. The company has successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange market in June, 2016 (stock symbol:002802).

  The company has a group of senior experts with many core technology and hi-tech products and has already achieved more than 10 national patents. It was awarded as JiangSu High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise and Jiangsu Province Class Technology Center. We always devote ourselves to serving the middle and high-end customers and our products which are exported to more than 50 countries and regions are widely acknowledged by customers. The value of Honghui band and market share are stably increasing and the reputation of the company is widely praised by the domestic and foreign customers.

  Since it is founded, our staffs have been abiding by business philosophy “Customer-respecting, Quality-controlling, Technology -improving, and management-reinforcing”. We always stick to the ideal of technology innovation, improving product quality, enlarging products application. Regarding continuous innovation and developing green chemical new materials as our own tasks, we have been devoting oursleves to building Honghui as a technology pioneer, a market leader and a giant worldwide supplier.